And Suddenly It's November

And Suddenly It’s November

What happens to the time? I had a list of things to do over a month ago (9/22) and many of them aren’t done. What was I doing?

Some shows with other folks, some babysitting, domestic stuff, lots of I don’t know…

So let’s tackle this “getting things done” thing. I have a choice:

You can either wait for the phone to ring or pick up the phone and start calling.

Doing your own thing is not the same as waiting for people to call you. You can either proactively be a guy that people call or proactively create gigs yourself- or both. They are not the same.

You can build and improve your product, though. You need songs, recordings, a live set, pictures and video. After that you can build a music project to the clouds if you choose to.

If you expect the phone to ring and your project to magically come to fruition it isn’t going to happen.

So today I am going to start using a method that always worked for me:

Writing stuff down on a piece of paper.

I have tried putting to-do lists on my phone and online- neither seem to really work for me. In order for me to get things done for myself I have to actually do them.

So let try this…