Can Do vs Will Do

Can Do vs Will Do

It often comes down to this:

What can you do and what will you do.

The world is our oyster if we choose to crack open the shell. Sometimes (usually) it takes a little persistence and hard work. 

We have to endure some discomfort- physical and mental- to improve our situation. 

We have to accept that the road to success is paved with failure overcome by discipline and persistence. Practice makes perfect. Nobody bats 100% (or anywhere near it). Improve your odds by improving your game.

We have to seek out answers to questions and fill our head with new useful information. Every day.

We have to wake up with purpose every day and fall asleep knowing that we did the best that we could to pursue our dreams and goals.

We have to let faith be our guide- not fear.

We need to make our impression on the world as much as (or more than) it makes its impression on us.

We have to be humble and accept that we don’t have all the answers but be confident that we can find them.

We need to feed our passion a little bit every day by remembering and experiencing what inspires us. Don’t let yourself lose your purpose in the daily grind. 

Keep your goals in sight and work with the end in mind.

Finish things then move on. Peek back at what you’ve done then look forward to what you can do next. 

Don’t get complacent. We only come this way once. Work to make the life that you want every day- even if it’s in some small way. Keep moving the ball forward.

Don’t allow your passion (or lack thereof) to derail your vision. Play the long game, work your plan and keep your eye on the prize. 

Don’t procrastinate. Set deadlines for yourself and meet them. Be your own amazing boss.

Follow your heart or follow the crowd- you decide.

If it’s been done you can do it. If it hasn’t been done you can also do it.

Don’t quit- FINISH IT.