Looking at December...

Looking at December…


Well- here we are at the bitter end of 2017. America is heading for the shitter as the KKK has taken the White House and the Trump Administration is weakening the US for a Russian takeover.

That being said- how’s the music coming along?

Well- I have written these new tunes and demoed them on guitar and bass. I have messed with them on Warr Guitar as well.

Beyond that I haven’t moved the needle much.

I haven’t done any shows of my own or released any new material.

I have wallowed in artistic conflict.

The thing is that if you’re going to be an artist as a vocation you have to get paid somehow, some way.

So here’s what has to happen. I have to:

  • Play shows
  • Sell music
  • Sell merch
  • Monetize whatever I can

Otherwise music is just a hobby and hobbies don’t pay bills.

What I already have:

  • Original material
  • Completed original material
  • Released original material
  • A professional website(s)
  • Social media profiles on major platforms
  • Video posted that is also shareable
  • A (small) flowing
  • A Patreon page
  • My music on Spotify and most other streaming platforms
  • My music available for sale on most major platforms
  • The basic equipment to create, share and promote audio, video and visual content
  • Several blogs with years of content to consume

I definitely have something to work with. Years of work that I have done to create music, video, blogs, images, etc.

Now the trick is to start ramping up my efforts to create interesting content and build a following.

In the coming days, weeks and months I am going to dig in and put the wheels (back) on my car.

This post probably won’t be read by anyone other than me at this point- which is probably my biggest problem.

I’d say “stay tuned” but I’m likely just talking to myself today November 29, 2017. Gotta fix that…