Making Progress- Jamzzzz..

Making Progress- Jamzzzz..

I’ve gotten together with some musician friends of mine recently to mess with Funk Truck tunes. I have tried playing both guitar and bass to see how it sounds and feels. 

I thought that it felt better playing bass but after watching the video of the jam it seems like it sounded better with me on guitar. It’s interesting that there seems to be such a difference in how it felt doing it and what it sounded like from an objective source.

I have asked a few close friends lately and they all say “guitar” which also kind of surprises me. Not that I’m a bad guitar player but that seems to be the unanimous opinion.

Maybe if I spend more time playing guitar it will get comfortable but I have to admit that when I listen to music I’m listening to the bass player 99% of the time. Guitar is kind of secondary to my immediate interest. 

Obviously I can do what I want but I’m trying to build a lasting, fun and profitable project for myself and those that I work with. I’ve been looking for inspiration in those regards like “bass players that sing” and what they have done to be successful recording artists. 

I actually wrote my first batch of Funk Truck tunes on guitar so it’s not like I can’t do that- it’s just what do I want to do?

I’ll figure it out while I continue to work on the material I suppose. I want to start getting some video stuff out to promo my new music starting this week. I also need to update my Patreon intro video and stuff. 

I find it interesting how the feeling of playing versus the sound that actually comes out can differ- sometimes greatly. I suppose there’s a lot to be said for working on self-awareness.

As an aside I’ve also lost about 20 lbs and 4% body fat. I really want to be a badass for The Funk Truck. I would like to be able to take some killer promo shots sometime soon. 

OK- time to get to work!