My Master Plan

smoky crackerThis is my online vision board of sorts. I’m sharing it in hopes that not only will I utilize the images, thoughts and ideas here more often but also that I might be able to share my insights, successes and setbacks with others in hopes that my trials and tribulations may help someone else to have a better and more fulfilling life. The format of this page may change a bit as I go along but for the moment I will combine short blogs, videos, images and so forth to be my place to keep my dreams, goals, inspirations and so forth. I fully understand (and expect) that many- including my own family- jk sixwill think that my goals are extravagent and unreachable yet many others have achieved the kinds of goals and dreams that I possess. What that means to me is basically “it can be done but you can’t do it”. There are also a select few that do believe. I understand that the most important person that needs to believe is me.  

Part of my challenge is to ignore not only the doubt in those around me but most importantly the doubt in my own mind. I must remember that haters will hate but I can often be my own worst enemy.

I am going to break down the aspects of my Master Plan into the categories of Career, Lifestyle, Family, Health and Spirit.

jk22Career/ Art: I will be a successful entertainer/ musician/ producer/ brand that is not only producing great work but making the world a better place and creating opportunity and inspiration for others. I would like to make plenty of money to not only support my desired lifestyle but also provide encouragement and support for family members and friends. I will be touring nationally and internationally, creating music that is popular in a variety of mediums including video, gaming, movies, TV, etc. as well as inspiring others to pursue the arts and be successful in their efforts.

I will earn the opportunity to work with well-known artists and contribute to their music with my own unique artistic visions.

I will make it a daily habit to network amongst professionals in my field as well as nurture my client/ customer/ fanbase.

I will be a well-respected instrumentalist. I will also be known as a formidable vocalist, MC and front man. I will follow in the footsteps of those that have come before and become a legend based on the strength of my work ethic, fearless devotion to art and commerce and quality and quantity of my works and performances. My accomplishments will inspire others the way others have inspired me.

Some of my influences include:

Lifestyle: I would like to have a large and luxurious home on 3+ acres with room for kids to play, enough space for friends and relatives to come over and stay, for family members to have as a “second home”, to provide a peaceful and nurturing environment for my wife and I as well as our kids and others and with aesthetic qualities of beauty and quality. This home will not only have plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms for all but plenty of space for entertaining, a home theater, home gym, swimming pool, gardens, copious garages for multiple vehicles, a home studio, etc. My goal is a legacy home that we can pass down to our kids that will also be a home base for our family.

This house in Austin, TX is an example of the kind of house that I am working on earning.

I would like to be able to purchase things that I want (on top of what I need) as well as have more life experiences from traveling the world and engaging in new activities. A few years ago I really fell in love with the Fiat 500 Abarth. Despite the fact that it’s an inexpensive car something about it makes my heart beat a little faster. I want one.

Family: I want to spend more quality time exploring and enjoying life with my family. In procuring the house that I’m envisioning I want to provide a place that is welcoming, nurturing and peaceful for me and my family. A place to call home. I will make time for holidays and host social gatherings.

Health: I will be fit, strong, flexible and lean to look, feel and function at the highest level that I can. I will achieve this goal by engaging in daily exercise, eating a healthy diet and participating in a variety of extra-curricular fitness and sporting activities.

Mind: I will make it a daily habit to not only seek out information online but also read books, go to seminars, workshops and so forth in order to always be moving my intellect forward.

Spirit: I will make it a habit to meditate and study daily. I will feed my spirit by helping others and passing along knowledge that can enhance others’ lives.