Preparing for the Smokstik Show

Preparing for the Smokstik Show

So I committed to doing a Smokstik show on December 3, 2015. 2 weeks from today. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done an actual set of Smokstik stuff. I’m scared and excited. Reluctant and energized. Let’s let positivity win out!

So now for my list of stuff that I will want to have taken care of 14 days from now. I’m thinking “when I’m getting ready to play the show what will I be glad that I took the time and energy to do in the weeks before?”. Well- here we go…

  • Setlist for show
  • FB Event for show
  • Songs available for drummer
  • Header for FB page
  • Handbill flyers
  • Spend as much time as necessary tightening up the set. At least 8 hours a day of practicing and rehearsal for 13 days.
  • Put rig back together. Obtain whatever other components are necessary to make it work.
    • Fix 4×12 cabinet
    • Get preamp situation sorted
    • Make sure all the cables are good
    • Advocate for some new strings from Mark Warr
    • Put in some new muting stuff
    • Make sure that pedals are working right
  • Get ready to be able to shoot video from multiple angles with phones, tablets, cameras, etc.
    • Get camera stands and/or accessories if necessary
    • Make sure that memory is sufficient to get whole show
    • Document behind the scenes, before and after show, etc.
  • Shoot video and document time preparing for show
  • Make some intro and segue audio for show
  • Consider other stage/show gimmickry
  • Stick with workout and do HIIT on offdays to cut a little more
  • Put together a cool outfit for show
  • Get a good audio recording as well. Use Rad’s Zoom recorder for a good stereo room recording
  • Integrate electronics into drum parts where possible
  • T-shirts? Smoky imagery?
    • Design for t-shirts
  • Post a vid for each tune on YouTube each day to count down.



500 SONG

(set time 45 minutes)



Finish mixing The 500 Song and get it out there!!!