The Next (First) Single

The Next (First) Single

So this week the real work begins. Releasing new music. 

I have written new tunes, demo’ed them and attempted to play them with other people with mixed success. Now it’s time to take a bold step forward and put something out even if I have to play everything myself. 

People need to hear my music and honestly I want to hear it, too.

I will be spending this week (and beyond if necessary) finishing my next new single and releasing it on all the platforms. 

With a few breaks to get some exercise, sleep and eat the rest of my time will be devoted to pushing out a new tune that will establish where I am right now and where I can go heading to in the future.

I REALLY want to start performing my own music again. I MUST get over this hump and move forward somehow, someway.

I will be documenting this journey as well. Follow if you want. I have to push my envelope if I am going to move forward. Maybe I will inspire you to do the same. Or maybe you will inspire me to follow through.

Either way- I CAN do this…